Innocent until proven otherwise.

Should you find yourself or a loved one facing criminal charges, you will need competent criminal defense representation to assist in mitigating the impact of those criminal charges.

You deserve the best settlement possible.

We are committed to fighting for the full compensation you deserve after being injured. Let us work aggressively for you, while you work on healing and moving forward.

Traffic Law Defense is a Big Deal.

There are very detailed and specific consequences to ignoring or pleading guilty to traffic violations. Contact us now if youwish to explore alternative plea arrangements.


"When I regained consciousness, not only was I told that my beautiful baby girl was gone, but that I missed her funeral and burial. I was completely distraught and didn't know where to turn. I will always be grateful for the care and compassion I was shown and I know I received the greatest possible results!"

"I never thought I would be fighting for my freedom after having defended myself in my own business. After devoting my life to serving my community, they tried to make me look like a monster. When I hired The Legal Solution Group, they treated me like family and I will forever consider them a part of mine."

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